June 16 Events

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June 16th, 2000 (June 16 2000)EventIsrael complies with UN Security Council Resolution 425 after 22 years of it issuance, which calls on Israel to completely withdraw from Lebanon. Israel withdraws from all of Lebanon, except the disputed Sheba Farms.
June 16th, 1999 (June 16 1999)EventMaurice Greene sets a new 100m world record at 9.79 seconds. This is the largest drop in a 100m world record in the history of electronic timing from Donovan Bailey s 9.84.
June 16th, 1997 (June 16 1997)EventThe Dairat Labguer massacre in Algeria; 50 people are killed.
June 16th, 1994 (June 16 1994)EventA Chinese operated Tupolev TU-154 crashes 10 minutes after takeoff killing 160.
June 16th, 1989 (June 16 1989)EventImre Nagy, the former Hungarian Prime Minister, is reburied in Budapest.
June 16th, 1977 (June 16 1977)EventOracle Corporation is incorporated in Redwood Shores, California, as Software Development Laboratories (SDL) by Larry Ellison, Bob Miner and Ed Oates.
June 16th, 1976 (June 16 1976)EventSoweto uprising: a non-violent march by 15,000 students in Soweto, South Africa turns into days of rioting when police open fire on the crowd and kill 566 children.
June 16th, 1972 (June 16 1972)EventRed Army Faction member Ulrike Meinhof is captured by police in Langenhagen.
June 16th, 1972 (June 16 1972)EventThe largest single-site hydro-electric power project in Canada starts at Churchill Falls, Labrador.
June 16th, 1967 (June 16 1967)EventThe three-day Monterey International Pop Music Festival begins in Monterey, California.
June 16th, 1963 (June 16 1963)EventSoviet Space Program: Vostok 6 MissionCosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova becomes the first woman in space.
June 16th, 1961 (June 16 1961)EventRudolf Nureyev defects at Le Bourget airport in Paris.
June 16th, 1955 (June 16 1955)EventPope Pius XII excommunicates Juan Peron.
June 16th, 1948 (June 16 1948)EventThe storming of the cockpit of the Miss Macao passenger seaplane, operated by a subsidiary of the Cathay Pacific Airways, marks the first skyjacking of a commercial plane.Cao Cao Quotes
June 16th, 1940 (June 16 1940)EventWorld War II: Marshal Henri Philippe Petain becomes Premier of Vichy France.
June 16th, 1940 (June 16 1940)EventA Communist government is installed in Lithuania.
June 16th, 1930 (June 16 1930)EventSovnarkom establishes decree time in the USSR.
June 16th, 1925 (June 16 1925)EventThe most famous Young Pioneer camp of the USSR, Artek, is established.
June 16th, 1924 (June 16 1924)EventThe Whampoa Military Academy is founded.
June 16th, 1922 (June 16 1922)EventGeneral election in Irish Free State: large majority to pro-Treaty Sinn Fein.
June 16th, 1915 (June 16 1915)EventThe foundation of the British Women s Institute.
June 16th, 1911 (June 16 1911)EventA 772 gram stony meteorite strikes the earth near Kilbourn, Columbia County, Wisconsin damaging a barn.
June 16th, 1904 (June 16 1904)EventEugen Schauman assassinates Nikolai Bobrikov, Governor-General of Finland.
June 16th, 1904 (June 16 1904)EventIrish author James Joyce begins a relationship with Nora Barnacle, and subsequently uses the date to set the actions for his novel Ulysses; traditionally "Bloomsday".James Joyce Quotes
June 16th, 1903 (June 16 1903)EventThe Ford Motor Company is incorporated.
June 16th, 1903 (June 16 1903)EventRoald Amundsen commences the first east-west navigation of the Northwest Passage by leaving Oslo, Norway.
June 16th, 1897 (June 16 1897)EventA treaty annexing the Republic of Hawaii to the United States is signed; the Republic would not be dissolved until a year later.
June 16th, 1891 (June 16 1891)EventJohn Abbott becomes Canada s third prime minister.
June 16th, 1883 (June 16 1883)EventThe Victoria Hall theatre panic in Sunderland, England kills 183 children
June 16th, 1871 (June 16 1871)EventThe University Tests Act allows students to enter the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Durham without religious tests, except for courses in theology.
June 16th, 1858 (June 16 1858)EventAbraham Lincoln delivers his House Divided speech in Springfield, Illinois.Abraham Lincoln Quotes
June 16th, 1858 (June 16 1858)EventBattle of Morar takes place during the Indian Mutiny.
June 16th, 1846 (June 16 1846)EventThe Papal conclave of 1846 concludes. Pope Pius IX is elected pope, beginning the longest reign in the history of the papacy (not counting St. Peter).
June 16th, 1836 (June 16 1836)EventThe formation of the London Working Men s Association gives rise to the Chartist Movement.
June 16th, 1815 (June 16 1815)EventBattle of Ligny and Battle of Quatre Bras, two days before Waterloo.
June 16th, 1779 (June 16 1779)EventSpain declares war on the Kingdom of Great Britain, and the siege of Gibraltar begins.
June 16th, 1774 (June 16 1774)EventFormation of Harrodsburg, Kentucky.
June 16th, 1755 (June 16 1755)EventFrench and Indian War: the French surrender Fort Beausejour to the British, leading to the expulsion of the Acadians.
June 16th, 1746 (June 16 1746)EventWar of Austrian Succession: Austria and Sardinia defeat a Franco-Spanish army at the Battle of Piacenza.
June 16th, 1745 (June 16 1745)EventBritish troops take Cape Breton Island, which is now part of Nova Scotia, Canada.
June 16th, 1745 (June 16 1745)EventSir William Pepperell captures the French Fortress Louisbourg in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia during the War of the Austrian Succession.
June 16th, 1586 (June 16 1586)EventMary Queen of Scots recognizes Philip II of Spain as her heir.
June 16th, 1487 (June 16 1487)EventBattle of Stoke Field, the last dying breath of the Wars of the Roses.

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